My Favourite Summer Refreshments

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One of the greatest challenges this summer is beating the heat. Try these easy, homemade drinks which the whole family will love.


Watermelon Soda Float

Just scoop some watermelon balls and stir in with sugar and water to make a syrup. Purée watermelon pieces in a blender and strain. Combine with the syrup, lime juice, and salt. Cover and chill and top with frozen yogurt or ice cream.

Cherry Vanilla Smoothie

This family favourite only requires a cup of apple cider, a half-cup of vanilla yogurt, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, and 2 cups of frozen cherries.

Healthy Strawberry Banana Smoothie

This one is a favourite of mine and what I mostly drink on a strict diet. Just toss a few pieces of fresh strawberries, bananas, ice, and low fat milk on a blender. Forget the sugar and cream, because the natural thickness and sweetness of the bananas make it a yummy but healthy refreshment.

June Bug

With the colours of orange juice, ginger ale, grenadine, and orange sherbet blended together, this refreshing drink is just fit for summer. If you want some booze, just add white rum.

Frozen Slushie

To create this extremely simple summer refreshment anytime, make sure you always keep 2 cans of fruit in heavy syrup handy all the time. I recommend canned peaches and pineapple. Seal the fruits in a zip-lock container and keep in the freezer. When your children request for them, simply submerge the container in a bowl of hot water. Once the fruit is thawed, chop them and place in the food processor. Blend in the syrup until smooth and serve immediately.

Limeberry Crush

If you’re on strict calorie counting, this dairy-free refreshment can quickly quench your thirst without the guilt. All you need is to blend strawberries, lime juice, confectioner’s sugar, and crushed ice for an easy summer drink.

Iced Frappucino

Coffee is one of my guilty pleasures, and while I can’t always find comfort in a cup of espresso during a hot summer day, I resort to making an iced frappucino when craving for caffeine. Just toss skimmed milk, instant coffee, condensed milk, chocolate syrup, and ice in the blender. Spice up with cinnamon for a twist, or spray some whipped cream if you’re not dieting. Who needs Starbucks when you can make one at home?

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