Summer Jobs for Kids

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summerjobsAs much as I want to provide all of my children’s needs and desires, I recognize the importance of teaching them the value of money instead of just giving in to all of their wishes. I always tell them that they should work hard for anything that they want to achieve in life, and I’m glad that my lessons seem to sink in their minds well! When summertime comes, my kids are very excited to work part time and earn extra cash for their wants. Here are some of the cool and easy things they do that I want to share with you.

Dog Walking

During summer kids have plenty of time walking neighbour’s dogs, and it can be a fun thing especially if your kid loves animals. However, make sure that they are comfortable with the dog before letting them to do the job.

Lawn mowing

Not many of us want to mow the lawn, fortunately children are very much willing to do so. Using your own or the homeowner’s mower, it’s not a very tasking thing for children to do. Meanwhile, if your child is too young for mowing, they can perform other tasks such as planting or raking.


One of the most popular summer jobs, letting our children babysit to kids of busy neighbours can also be an interactive way for them to spend the summer.


If you have older children passionate in certain subjects, allow them to exercise their minds through tutoring. Not only will they earn extra, but it keeps their brains active during summer and also lets them make friends with other kids.

Lifeguarding/ Swimming Coach

If you have an old enough child who loves to swim, lifeguarding or teaching swimming lessons are smart ways to relieve the summer boredom and enjoy the outdoors.

Selling Lemonades

Lemonade stands are hot during summer, and this business venture can surely help your kids yield a good deal of cash. They are not required to do it full time, just a couple of times a week and they’ll have enough money to spend during summer.

Car Washing

If your child loves to be outside getting wet, a good choice for a summer job is car washing. For many kids, it’s more of a fun rather than a tiring job to do.

Holding a Garage Sale

While it can never be a regular work, holding a garage sale at least once or twice over the summer is an excellent way to remove old clutter and raise easy cash.

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