Summer on a Budget

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summerbudgetMany of us long for summer because of its warm, relaxing vibe. But many of us also fear the impending strain on our finances. Still, you don’t need to deprive your kids of the summer fun, because there are many worthwhile activities to do without ruining the budget.


If you are looking for a place to tickle your kids’ imagination without the strain on your wallet, then the museum is a perfect place. A trip to the local museum is a great way to educate your children regarding history, art, and science in a fun and interactive way. Best of all, many of these museums offer free admission.


Going to the cinemas is probably one of the cheapest activities to do. Even if you’ll have to buy tickets, food and drinks, you won’t really spend that much compared to other activities. Tip- eat a full meal at home so you won’t have to dine out. The most you’ll probably spend on are a few bags of popcorn and soda, or some ice cream afterwards.


Here in the UK, because we don’t experience much sun, we sure get the most out of it when it shines brightly. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way for the whole family to enjoy the summer warmth, just grab a blanket, pack some refreshments and homemade snacks, and head to the nearest park.

Day Trips

In the UK, you’ll never run out of things to see. For that low cost, sweet, summer escape, just load up on gas, pack your lunch, and bring the whole family to a day trip. You can also carpool with other parents to save on cost.

Visit the Beach

What is summer without the sun-kissed beaches? Head over to the nearest beach and get that natural tan you’ve been longing to have. As usual, you can bring some sandwiches and sodas to cut the cost.

Game Night

Staying at home doesn’t have to be boring. Since many of our kids sleep late during the summer as well, preparing a game night is a clever way to ease that summer boredom while you bond. Bake some cookies, host a charade, and you’re all set for an evening of fun! For more family game night ideas, visit this link

Outdoor Sports

For a fun-filled, low cost way to spend the summer, let your children engage in some outdoor sports like basketball, baseball, and soccer. You can invite some relatives and join as well to shed off some extra pounds.


Who said you have to leave home in order to have fun? A barbecue at the backyard couldn’t be any more relaxing. Even if you invite a few friends over, I bet you it’s still cheaper than dining out with the whole family.

Visit the Zoo

For animal lovers, visiting the zoo can be both entertaining and educational. Zoo admissions are generally cheap, and if you bring some food and drinks, you’ll never have to worry about exceeding your budget.

Best England Beaches

So what’s summer without experiencing the sand and the sun? As we don’t always have the luxury of sunshine, I make sure that me and my family get to spend summer in one or two of England’s lovely beaches. Here are my top picks.

Barafundle Bay Beach

Located in the Pembrokeshire coast, you definitely shouldn’t miss this captivating stretch of water and sand. From Stackpole Quay, you’ll have to take a breathtaking walk passing through a cliff path and a mystical stone archway. For great food and affordable rooms, you can stay at the seventeenth-century Stackpole Inn.

Bamburgh Beach

Drown away at the dramatic scene with the towering Bamburgh Castle in sight, plus the nearby Holy Island which can be accessed by a causeway. For a place to stay, I recommend the Beach Court in Beadnell seafront just a few miles south along the coast for a lovely view of the sea.

Littlehampton Beach

If you’re looking for a quiet beach with excellent food, go to Littlehampton. Sample the most talked about fish and chips served at the West Beach Cafe or more sophisticated dishes at the East Beach Cafe before you explore the bay. For accommodation on a budget, the Slindon campsite is a pretty little place tucked in the orchards of Slindon Estate.

Luskentyre Beach

On the Isle of Harris located is this white sand haven surrounded by sparkling water and the hills of Outer Hebrides. Clearly, Luskentyre Beach offers one of the most breathtaking views in Britain, and for an even great view of the night sky, stay at the Neolithic-inspired Blue Reef Cottages.

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